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FJ Sayers Lake offers a calm and peaceful setting for any level kayaker looking to spend some time on the water. The lake offers wildlife-filled wetlands, coves and large areas of open water to fill any amount of kayaking you plan for the day.  Kayaks can be launched at any of the boat launches within the park, as well as at the canoe marked launches on the park map.  Staff’s favorites include the launches at Hunter Run East and Bullit Run


Hunter Run East is the closest boat launch to the Inn and provides kayakers access to the low wind and low traffic Hunter Run Cove and the main body of the lake beyond the cut.  Bullit Run is a kayak and canoe launch near where Bald Eagle Creek feeds into FJ Sayers Lake and is well worth the short drive up Hwy 150 to access this part of the park. The area provides the largest no wake zone within the lake, access to wildlife-filled wetlands and is a great option for paddling to the main body of the lake. 


All boats will need either a valid boat registration or current launch permit in order to be used on FJ Sayers Lake.  Permits can be purchased online using the link below or in person at the Bald Eagle State Park office and most other Pennsylvania State Parks. 


Don’t have your own kayak or can’t bring yours with you for your stay? Kayaks and canoes are available to rent at Boats & Bikes at the marina! Use the link below to access their reservation system. 



kayak & Canoe Trips


Central Pennsylvania and the PA Wilds offers some of the best kayaking and canoeing waterways in the state! There are several streams and rivers within a short drive of the Inn that make for great relaxing days on the water with friends and family.


Popular Guest Trips


Spring Creek | Bellefonte: One of the most popular trips begins in Bellefonte and flows into FJ Sayers Lake and Bald Eagle State Park. If you have the paddling skills, you can start your adventure at the Bellefonte Waterfront Walkway and paddle down Spring Creek (2.1 miles) and continue down Bald Eagle Creek. We suggest paddling to Dowdy’s Hole Access on the left of Bald Eagle Creek (7 miles) or Bullit Run Access on the left at the entrance of the lake (8.5 Miles). Total trip time is 3-5 hours. Trout fishing is excellent on Spring Creek so make sure you bring your license and gear!


Bald Eagle Creek | Milesburg: If you are inexperienced at paddling on swifter streams, you may want to start your adventure just below where Spring Creek meets Bald Eagle Creek in Milesburg. We suggest paddling to the Bullit Run Access on the left where Bald Eagle State Park begins (6.4 miles) Total trip time is 3-4 hours. Be sure to stop at historic Curtin Village Ironworks along the way for your picnic lunch. Trout fishing is excellent and Bass fishing is great on parts of Bald Eagle Creek. 


Bald Eagle Creek | Eagleville: This wide slow-moving stretch of Bald Eagle Creek flows from the Eagleville Bridge to the Mill Hall Access.  This popular float among locals will bring you through miles of farmland and beautiful forests.  We would suggest paddling to the Mill Hall Access to the left before you go under PA 150 (7.3 miles) Total trip time is 3-5 hours. Trout fishing is excellent and Bass fishing is great on parts of the Bald Eagle Creek. 



Tussey Mountain Outfitters provides a number of options for outings on both these streams. For more information on their trips and rentals click on the link below.


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