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what makes us green?


It's only natural that the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle is a model of energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. And, it’s only logical that the entire facility is designed to be ecologically sound. In addition to being awarded a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, the inn was recently voted the #1 Eco-Lodge in the United States by readers of USA Today.  The inn serves as a showcase of the latest and greatest green technologies – up close and personal – including:


  • GeoThermal heating and cooling

  • Water use reduction of more than 30 percent through the use of low-flow fixtures and dual-flush toilets

  • 2,800-gallon rainwater harvesting system used to flush toilets throughout the building

  • All floor and wall tile contains 55 percent recycled glass

  • Counter tops and vanities were created from concrete aggregate and recycled glass

  • Outdoor patio furniture is constructed from 100 percent recycled aluminum

  • Front desk and library feature bio-composite countertops constructed from sunflower seed hulls

  • Reduced stormwater runoff through rain gardens and pervious parking area

  • Native, water-efficient landscaping

  • Highly reflective, recycled steel roof reduces heat island effect

  • Passive design elements including building orientation, roof overhangs and operable windows significantly reduce heating and cooling load

  • At least a 14 percent decrease in energy costs over a code minimum building

  • Guest room energy monitoring viewable in each room

  • On-site renewable energy includes a solar-thermal array that assists with hot water generation

  • At least 73 percent of construction waste diverted from landfills. 

  • Extensive use of regional and recycled content materials

  • More than 80 percent FSC-certified wood framing, finishes and furniture

  • Low VOC paints, stains, adhesives and carpeting

Natural light & fritted glass


As you will see, the Nature Inn has abundant windows providing panoramic views of the lake, Bald Eagle Mountain, and the surrounding forest. The windows serve to let in natural light, reducing the need for electric lighting, while also providing passive heating during the winter. 

Some of the windows look a little different though – including the upper windows in the lobby, common areas, and the Children’s Discovery Space. Those windows are made from fritted glass, which is designed to reduce bird strikes. According to Dr. Daniel Klem, the professor at the Acopian Center for Ornithology at Muhlenberg College, an estimated 100 million birds are killed in the U.S. each year due to window collisions. When birds look into large plate glass windows, they see reflections of the trees, sky, and clouds. The tempered pattern in fritted glass minimizes its reflective quality, helping protect and preserve our native bird populations.

local Mission style furniture


We're exceptionally proud of the locally sourced and built, mission-style furniture that's found throughout the inn.  Not only is it beautiful, it's constructed of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified white oak harvested right here in Pennsylvania and manufactured at the Rockview Correctional Facility just up the road in State College.

Rainwater Harvesting & landscaping

Inside the inn, low-flow fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and other water conservation systems take advantage of our elegant, yet simple, 2,800-gallon rainwater harvesting system.  It takes roughly 1 inch of rain to completely refill our above ground storage cisterns, providing us with roughly 1,500 toilet flushes.  Outdoors, the landscape is planted exclusively with native, water-efficient species, while rain gardens are used to decrease the environmental impacts associated with seasonal downpours.


Here at the Nature Inn, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through ongoing operations. Recycling is a big part of that commitment.  Recycling stations are centrally located on the first and second floors, with another conveniently located in the dining room.  Each guest room is provided with a blue bin which the staff sorts to ensure that items are recycled properly.

and the green goes on


Our commitment to protecting our natural resources in all that we do means that our everyday practices call for us to think about ways we can reduce and reuse as well.

Our bulk shampoo and body wash dispensers might seem a little different, but they are a great way to reduce waste. While most hotels provide amenities in multiple travel-size bottles, many of which are tossed away before empty, our approach reduces both packaging and product waste. Our bathrooms feature environmentally responsible, domestically produced soap, shampoo, and shower gels.

We use Green Seal™ certified cleaning products, and we avoid using CFC-containing aerosol products, phosphorous, ammonia, or chlorine-based cleaning products. We buy our low-impact cleaning chemicals in high-concentration, bulk packaging for on-site dilution. We have a high-efficiency cleaning program using micro-fiber technology and Carpet and Rug Institute Gold Level floor care equipment with HEPA filtration. Our paper products have a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. We use locally sourced dairy and farm products when feasible.  Guests can get involved by opting-in to our linen reuse program by following a simple notification procedure during their stay.


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