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a sanctuary for birds, and their guests


Throughout the Inn, one theme resonates above all others – way above. From the bird tracks leading you to our front lobby, to the Audubon and Ned Smith prints in each room, to the stationary binoculars waiting on the deck, you’ll discover that the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park is truly a place for the birds.  And we’re especially proud of one of our nesting pair of bald eagles just behind the Inn in Hunter Cove. If you’re a birder, you’ve found the perfect place. If you aren’t, we think you’ll find it’s still quite perfect here.


air shows performed daily


The habitats of Bald Eagle State Park attract many bird species. Novice and lifelong birders find exploring the park with a pair of binoculars a treat no matter what the season. The mountain ridges create excellent flyways for migrating birds, and various species stop at the park to rest and feed during their migration. Every spring, songbirds such as warblers, flycatchers, and swallows display courtship rituals while searching for nesting spots in the park.


Boaters and beachgoers often spot bald eagles, herons, gulls, geese and osprey around the lake.  In the fall, you can find migrating mergansers, cormorants, and buffleheads on the lake. Year-round residents, including sparrows, finches and cardinals, are often seen during the winter in shrubby areas.

Federal, state and volunteer organizations actively manage the resources of the park to provide a variety of habitats for all wildlife. Fields are mowed to provide habitat for woodcock and every year, about 100 bluebirds fledge from nesting boxes built and maintained by dedicated volunteers who established a bluebird trail.


bald eagle state park ebird tracker

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