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Fly Fishing

fishing the state's center


Whether you want to fire up the 250hp bass boat and pursue trophy largemouth, sit on the shore with friends and enjoy a relaxing day of pan fishing while using complimentary fishing equipment from the Nature Inn or are looking to wade through our world-class limestone creeks searching for big browns, The Nature Inn is your fishing destination. 


at the lake


Anglers visit the Nature Inn and Bald Eagle State Park from all over Pennsylvania for one reason.  The fishing can be that good. This 1,730-acre warm-water fishery is part of the "Panfish Enhancement Program" and it shows! Crappie fishing in late May and early June can be some of the best in the state.  Although the bass fishing is arguably great, it can challenge even the best, veteran anglers.


The lake will test your skills with its 24 miles of shoreline and varying structure and depths.  Here you will find shallow flats covered in rock stars, spider humps and cribs as well as old roads and ledges hidden in the depths of the lake. There is a winding channel that runs for nearly eight miles from the entrance of Bald Eagle Creek all the way to the dam.  Popular ledges can be found on the southern shore of the lake against the "Old Railroad" and on the entrance to Hunter Cove where "Old 220" enters and exits the lake. 


Bass mostly feed on Bluegills, Perch, Crappie and Crawdads here, so natural colored crankbaits and jerkbaits are a great strategy.  Once the lake begins to warm up during the mid-summer, the crankbait bite will begin to become less reliable. This is the time to slow things down and meticulously fish deep structure with finesse baits in order to see consistent success.


If you consider yourself a diehard Crappie angler, look no further!  The Crappie population here is stronger than ever.  Anglers typically target areas with a rocky bottom between about 20-30ft in depth. If you cut the depth in half and sink your favorite light jig into the sweet spot you should have no problem hooking into this super fun to catch freshwater fish!


 Don't have a fishing license? Purchase an in-state or out-of-state license online!

Check out Lakewoods Outdoor Supply for all of your local tackle and live bait needs!


World-Class fly fishing


The Nature Inn is located in the heart of some of the best limestone and spring fed creeks in the Nation!  Nature Inn guests travel from all over to experience our local waters.  Below is a list of directions to some of our favorite fishing destinations. 


Fly Fishing Favorites:

Bald Eagle Creek: Eagleville

Bald Eagle Creek: Curtin Villiage

Spring Creek: Fishermans Paradise

Spring Creek: Shiloh Road Access

Fishing Creek: Narrows Road

Penns Creek: Tunnel Road

Pine Creek: Slate Run


The Central Pennsylvania Visitors Bureau compiled a very informative fishing guide to help visitors plan out a successful fly fishing trip! Click on the link below to learn more about fly fishing in Central Pennsylvania.


Local Guide Service


The Feathered Hook Fly Shop, located on Penns Creek in Coburn, offers guests of the Nature Inn exclusive discounts on their fly fishing guide services. The shop can furnish all your equipment needs for a full day of fly fishing as well!  For more information about booking a guided fly fishing trip, please contact the Feathered Hook at 814.349.8757.  Be sure to mention that you are staying at the Nature Inn in order to receive 10% off your guided trip.


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