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Things to try during your stay at The Nature Inn!

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle and the surrounding region offer a wealth of places to go and things to do! Check out some favorites to try while you're staying with us!

  1. Save gas by walking or riding your bike to the beach and back.

  2. Join one of the park education specialists for a recreational or interpretive program! The schedule of upcoming programs is available online here!

  3. Help contribute data on birds of Bald Eagle State Park by entering which bird species you saw during your visit into the Cornell Labe of Ornithology's eBird Tracker by following this link or downloading their free app onto your smartphone!

  4. Take a nature walk by hiking the trails connected to the inn and throughout the park!

  5. Observe the birds feeding at the feeders around the inn and identify them!

  6. Join us in caring for the environment by recycling, keeping the heat down, using minimal air conditioning, taking shorter showers and conserving water during your stay.

  7. Open your windows at night and experience the cool breeze of the season and listen to nighttime birds and other animal calls.

  8. Observe the nighttime sky while relaxing on the patio or your balcony.

  9. Share your experience with others! Write a review on TripAdvisor or Google, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as subscribe to our monthly newsletter, to keep up with what's happening here when you're not here.

If you have any questions or special requests during your stay about things to do, see and explore, please ask! We're here to make your visit as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Written by Kashia Quay



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