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emerging from COVID-19 RESPONSE


The Nature Inn and Staff are looking forward to a gradual return to normal beginning in early June 2021.  It’s been a long road with valuable lessons learned along the way about how to ensure the safety and comfort of our valued guests.  The steps, precautions and procedures we developed back in May 2020 has meant that we were able to successively navigate the pandemic without significant impact on the guests that stayed with us over the past twelve months.  So, let’s once again focus on making memories, rather than be burdened by concerns and worries. To that end, we’ve tried to provide our guests with as much information as possible about the things we are continuing to do in order to ensure your safety.

The links below detail the precautions that we’re keeping in place during the next phase of reopening beginning June 1, 2021. They take into account industry “best practices” and adhere to guidance being provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), the Governor’s Office and the PA Department of Health. Our Innkeeper, Charlie Brooks, is onsite daily and continues to serve as the property’s Pandemic Safety Officer. He is available to discuss our COVID-19 initiatives and protocols and to answer any of your questions.
In turn, we appreciate your patience as we are all in this together as we navigate a safe, methodical exit from the COVID-19 guidance and restrictions that have been in place this past year. We ask for your continued personal responsibility, specifically with regards to masking indoors and observing appropriate social distancing if you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We also ask that you continue to follow the recommended federal, state and local guidelines for self-protection. By taking care of yourself, you will take care of others.

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