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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of meetings/retreats can we host at the Inn?

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle is an exciting meeting, conference and event destination in Central Pennsylvania. As part of the PA State Park system, the Inn offers corporate, state agency, non-profit and higher education entities with a unique alternative to the larger conference centers found in towns and urban settings across the Commonwealth. Here at the Nature Inn we offer state of the art meeting facilities at an environmentally responsible, LEED Gold certified venue. The Inn includes two meeting spaces that are suitable for groups ranging in size from 2 to 50. With sixteen (16) overnight guest rooms, we can comfortably accommodate up to 28 participants for overnight or multi-day retreats. We offer expansive views overlooking FJ Sayers Reservoir, walk out connections to Bald Eagle State Park’s natural resources, exceptional in-house meals and catering all at affordable prices. Our dedicated staff of event planners are available and look forward to working with you to make your upcoming meeting an unqualified success.

What are the Facility Rental Fees for hosting a meeting?

We offer two unique spaces, our versatile Great Room or the Inn’s library, depending on your meeting size and space requirements. Facility fees are included in the all-inclusive meeting and retreat packages.

How many people can you accommodate in the various meeting rooms?

Our larger space, the great room, can be configured for meetings of up to 50 participants. More traditional configurations, such as u-shape, a closed square, or rounds, can provide comfortable seating for groups of 15 to 45. The library is ideally suited for smaller, board style meetings of up to 18 guests. Alternate library configurations can transform it into functional meeting space for as few as 2 and up to as many as twenty-four. Your event planner can provide sample floor plans and seating diagrams upon request. The Great Room > The Library >

Do you offer meeting and retreat packages?

Yes, in response to our corporate client’s emerging preference to simplify the planning process we have developed a full slate of all-inclusive meeting and overnight retreat packages. We currently offer half and full-day single day meeting options as either basic or deluxe for both the Great Room and Library. Single day meeting packages start at $33.00 per person. Our overnight retreat packages provide options between basic and deluxe offerings, as well as shared vs. private guest room accommodations starting at $199 per person. The cost of these packages includes everything you’ll need for a successful meeting or retreat and can be further customized to include catering add-ons as well. Be sure to discuss this option with your event planner early in the process to take advantage of the built-in savings that they offer. Learn More about our Single Day Meeting Packages > Learn More about our Overnight Corporate Retreat Packages >

Do you offer food service?  Can we bring our own snacks?

The Nature Inn is a full-service catering operation, able to provide your group with meals and break service for the duration of your meeting or retreat. We have a full-time chef on staff who is responsible for menu development and will oversee all aspects of food preparation for your group. As such, and due in part to commercial kitchen licensing, health department permitting and inspections, we do not permit outside food, nor caterers, to be brought in for your event.

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Can you accommodate guests with special dietary needs?

Yes, our culinary staff is versed in the most common food allergies and dietary restrictions. They, in coordination with your event planner, will be able to suggest and prepare suitable alternatives for your attendees who might have concerns. We can also help devise a strategy for faith based restrictions in instances where our kitchen facilities do not meet religious requirements. And, in those rare instances where your guests are just “more comfortable” bringing their own food, we’re more than happy to permit that as well.

Is coffee service available?

Yes, there are a couple options for making sure that your guests have ample liquid refreshments throughout the meeting. Coffee, decaf and hot tea along with a continuous supply of soft drinks are standard inclusions in our all-inclusive meeting packages.

Is there parking & where is it?

Yes, we have ample complimentary parking onsite including handicapped spaces close to the building. For our largest events, overflow parking is available along Warbler Way leading to the Inn.

Is there A/C?

Spaces throughout the Inn, including both meeting rooms, are individually climate controlled. Indoor comfort and air quality are both primary considerations in the design of LEED certified properties. As a LEED Gold facility, the Inn relies on a state of the art, environmentally sound, geothermal system to provide heating and cooling. In addition, our great room features a dramatic wood burning fireplace that can be lit upon request during the winter months

When can we come to set up?

As a general rule, facilitators can arrive one hour prior to the start of the meeting to make final preparations to the space. We also encourage using this time to test technology connections and configurations to ensure that customer provided equipment interfaces seamlessly with the AV equipment provided by the Inn. Retreats that involve overnight rooms prior to the start of the meeting may be able to set up the night before. In all instances, we’d request that the facilitator check with their event planner to confirm exact times when we will be able to make the space available.

Do you have Wi-Fi? Is a screen & projector available? Do you have conference call capabilities?

Complimentary wi-fi is available to all your participants. Our network does require a secure login and that information will be prominently posted in your meeting space prior to the group’s arrival. We also offer dedicated bandwidth that can be made available to presenters to ensure proper download speeds are attained for web-based presentations.

Your facility rental fee covers use of all the Inn’s AV resources. Each meeting space has a permanently mounted screen and we have multiple late model LED projectors available for use. Overhead, integrated speakers are available as well as a Bluetooth PA system. Our inventory also includes assorted cables for making proper connections, microphones and a portable podium. Use of any of these can be arranged through your event planner.

We also have two polycom units that can be used for conference calls. Please note, and be prepared to provide written instructions, that conference call will need to be initiated from our front desk and transferred to the polycom located in your meeting space.

Do you have a designated onsite IT tech?

While we do not have a dedicated IT department, most of our staff are well versed in setting up our AV equipment and troubleshooting simple compatibility issues. We can also schedule a site visit to do a “trial run” of all technology that may be used during your meeting or retreat.

Do you have flip charts and/or white boards that we can use?

As with the AV equipment, your facility fee includes use of up to two easel mounted flip charts or white boards including flip chart paper, markers and erasers.

Do you have a facilitator?  Can we incorporate environmental programming or nature activities into our day?

If you would like to arrange a facilitator for your retreat or team building event, we can connect you with Will Wise, one of the partners at We and Me! If you are interested in activities here within the park, we suggest that you contact the park’s Environmental Educator. They may be able to offer programming that can include guided hikes, Green Building Tours, birding programs and more! Other popular, seasonal activities can be arranged through the marina and include individual kayaks or pontoon boat rentals for group outings.

Are breakout spaces available?

We have multiple areas throughout the Inn that work wonderfully for small breakout sessions for groups of 6-10 people. And, if the weather permits, the covered porches and patio are a great option for breakout sessions as well! For groups staying overnight, evening gatherings around our firepit provide yet another opportunity for impromptu conversations.

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Do we need to reserve hotel rooms in order to have a meeting at The Nature Inn?

Not necessarily. A good portion of our meeting and event business are simple half or full-day meetings, while others choose to make us an overnight destination and retreat. Either way, your event planner will be able to discuss options, menus, packages and lodging in an effort to develop a meeting or retreat that meets your organization’s needs and budget.

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Can you reserve hotel rooms for a meeting?   If so, how many can you accommodate for an overnight retreat?

Absolutely! Our Overnight Corporate Retreat Packages include overnight guest room accommodations for your attendees. We can comfortably accommodate up to 28 guests in our sixteen hotel rooms. Our rooms range in size from singles, with one queen bed, up to large suites which comfortably sleep three in two separate queen bedrooms plus a sleeper sofa in the shared living area. Your event planner will provide you with lodging assignment worksheets which detail room configurations, sleeping capacities, views and pricing. If you have need for additional accommodations, your event planner will be able to provide you with recommendations for suitable local lodging options for them as well.

If we book hotel rooms for our meeting, do we receive a discounted rate?

Yes, overnight stays in conjunction with a qualifying corporate retreat are eligible for a discount of 15% off the published, seasonal rates. Your event planner will be able to quote rates and applicable discounts as part of the overall planning process.

When do you need to know final numbers and details (menu, set up, etc)?

We’ll ask that you provide an initial guest count at time of booking. To ensure accurate ordering and staffing, a final guaranteed guest count is required seven (7) days prior to the date of your event. After the final guest count has been provided, the guest count may be increased by a maximum of 10% and billed accordingly, however a decrease in guest count during the final week does not reduce the final catering charges.

Your menu selections should be communicated to your event planner at least two weeks prior to your meeting or retreat. Dietary restrictions are arranged through coordination with your event planner in consultation with our chef and must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event date. It is the customer’s duty to provide a tangible means for identifying the guests with the food allergy and/or requesting special dietary accommodation.

What is the cancellation policy?

Meeting, event and retreat cancellations received at least one week in advance will be responsible for payment of the contracted facility charges, but will not incur any additional catering charges or cancellation fees. Cancellations received six days or less prior to the event dates will forfeit facility charges and be also responsible for 33% of their contracted catering bill. Alternatively, meetings, events and retreats which are rescheduled for a date(s) within the coming six months shall avoid all penalties and/or cancellation charges.

Cancellation of overnight lodging reservations are subject to PA State Parks terms and conditions. Effectively, reservations cancelled during the final seven (7) days prior to your event are subject to the first night's rate. Your event planner does have strategies to mitigate these expenses should you have multiple last-minute cancellations.

What does it mean that your facility is LEED Certified?

LEED (Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design) is a program administered by the US Green Building Council that recognizes construction projects which incorporate green building technologies and are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship in their design, construction and ongoing operations. The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle is a LEED Gold property featuring a number of design elements, sustainable construction materials and low impact building systems.

Examples include that the Inn is heated and cooled using geothermal technology, the inclusion of a solar thermal array to offset energy requirements to generate hot water and a rain water harvesting system that provides grey water for flushing of commodes. Passive design strategies, including building orientation, roof pitch and overhangs contribute to the effective heating and cooling of interior spaces. Recycled materials can be found throughout as well as sustainably harvested forestry products.

We’re proud to offer The Nature Inn as a sustainable and environmentally mindful destination for your upcoming meeting or retreat. Your event planner will be happy to schedule a brief green building tour and discussion with the Innkeeper as part of your upcoming retreat at The Nature Inn.

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We’d like to include a group cocktail hour before & wine with dinner.  Is alcohol allowed?

The Nature Inn has a special exemption from the standard “no alcohol” policy for Pennsylvania State Parks. There are, however, some unique requirements and steps needed to be taken, which are outlined here. Step 1: Depending on your group size and whether attendees are staying onsite, you may need to obtain a Letter of Authrozation (LOA) and Alcohol Permit from the Bald Eagle State Park office

  • $100 fee per bartending service request
  • Contact the park office directly at (814) 625-2775 (option 5) to receive this paperwork - the office is open Monday through Friday between 8am-4pm and they ask that events have this paperwork submitted as soon as possible to ensure approvals prior to the event
Step 2: Hire an approved bartender from our " Trusted Partners" list
  • This is the only category of our "Trusted Partners" list that you will be limited to selecting an option from, due to these bartending services retaining a Commercial Use License through the state park office
  • We highly recommend you reaching out to all of the approved bartending services before making your final decision of which will be the best for you and will exceed your expectations!
Step 3: Work with your bartending service to develop a drink menu and service plan to meet your vision
  • They will provide you with a detailed "shopping list"
  • You are responsible for purchasing and transporting the alcohol to the inn and providing it to the Nature Inn staff in advance of your event
  • The inn will secure the alcohol throughout your event and any remaining alcohol will be given back to you at the conclusion of the event
Some Restrictions to Consider:
  • Maximum length of service permitted is 5 hours or less
  • Bartending serivces can end no later than 10pm
  • Kegs & shots are not permitted

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