Season Packages

Every Season, Its Own Splendid Reason
As the calendar pages turn throughout the year, the Nature Inn shows its guests a very different set of rewards and experiences. Four unique seasonal opportunities to reconnect with our natural surroundings.

Peaceful, quiet, still – the landscape in winter invites the explorer in each of us to come, see and listen. The park features an 11-mile trail system through varying terrain. Just over the ridge, an intermediate level sledding and tobogganing hill thrills enthusiasts of all ages. Back at the Inn, a warm fire awaits guests in the Multi-Purpose Room’s oversized fireplace.  Another site worth seeing is just a short trek down to the lakeside. With a pair of binoculars you may just witness a magnificent bald eagle soaring across the lake. With eaglets generally hatching in March / April a nesting pair would likely be nurturing two or three eggs through the coldest months.

The park comes back to life from its winter sleep by late March. Buds begin to sprout, the first shoots of green appear and the promise of spring is real. The local wildlife also becomes active with migrating birds brightening each morning with varied songs. Early spring offers an opportunity to visit the park before the summer vacation crowds.  By Memorial Day, park visitation is in full swing, thanks to longer days and warmer temperatures that encourage outdoor activities well into the evening. A typical day ends with cookouts on the patio and conversations around the fire ring as guests take the time to get to know their neighbors.

If you love the lake, you’ll find an abundance of activities at our superb lakefront, from a full service marina to trails that start and end at waterside. By early summer, those spring eaglets should be ready to take their first tentative flights over the lake.

Early morning fishing excursions and mid-day swims are a must. Follow them up with an afternoon relaxing on your private porch or balcony and you’ll have renewed energy for an evening stroll to cap off another great vacation day at the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle.

Have you ever taken a stroll through a piece of fine art? Here, the fall foliage is breathtaking. The colors, surreal. The experience, invigorating. And it’s all on display directly across the lake from the Nature Inn on the ridge of Bald Eagle Mountain.  Whether taking a cool afternoon nature walk or taking in a Penn State Football weekend, it’s yet another great season to gather around the fire and relive stories of adventure past, or to plot out new ones yet to come.

Check back soon for seasonal packages and programs available at the inn and park or log on to the parks Calendar of events: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/Calendar/list.asp