Interpretive Features

Not Exhibits, But Living Examples
Life surrounds the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle. It is fluid, never still. Ever-changing, not static. Organic and evolving.

While you’re immersed in this natural wonder, we’ll offer interpretive insight – a perspective of all the natural, historical and cultural resources the park offers – along with a message of stewardship. 

Our interpretive focus at the Inn centers around:
• Amazing birding opportunities in the park and Pennsylvania Wilds.

• Green features – materials and functions – as a way to encourage guests to implement these resource-saving concepts at home.

• Artisan handiwork originating in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

The Innkeeper and park staff coordinate a schedule of programs for guests at the Inn to learn more about the park and its resources.

Bird Brains
We know our birds at Bald Eagle State Park, and we can help you learn about them, too. Our goal is to educate visitors on ways to protect these birds and their habitats.  We have books, scopes, activities and experts at your disposal. The area’s birding heritage is also highlighted in Audubon and Ned Smith prints, tiles and tracks seen throughout the Inn and park.

Built For The Ages
Pennsylvania State Parks are in the business of being green, yet even this is the first overnight facility to be crafted to such a high eco-standard with a strong interpretive message built right in. And so the Inn serves as a model of efficiency for others to draw inspiration from. We want guests to be inspired and encouraged to “take home” the ideas and concepts they see, to implement in their own homes and communities.